Another Conditioning Opportunity

posted Jul 13, 2015, 6:14 PM by Thomas Raymond

This is an email from Missi Perkins at Gilford Hills.  She is offering another conditioning opportunity for any GHS student.  Check out the email below: 

Last year, I offered free summer conditioning classes at Gilford Hills for the football team. We are offering these classes again, but would like to invite ALL Gilford high school fall athletes to participate.  The classes will be Tuesday nights in July from 6:00-7:00, free to Gilford athletes (and Belmont Football players).

Adam Angle is donating gym space, and I will be teaching the classes. It will be an interval based cross training class, appropriate for all athletic abilities. Parents will need to sign a waiver when they drop the kids off.

If you would like to send the information to the fall coaches, that would be great! And if either of you would like to take the class, that would be even better!

Enjoy your vacations, please email or give me a call with any questions.



Missi Perkins